My Letter to Ken Davidoff


It amazes me how the whole #BooCano thing is still not understood from the mainstream media. They think it is as cut and dry as us Royals fans booing Cano for not picking Billy Butler for the Home Run Derby last year. Nope, he was booed for saying he would pick Butler, then going back on his word. Let’s be honest, it’s not an admirable trait to sit there and say you are going to do one thing, then not. We teach our kids not to do that. Ken Davidoff wrote an article for the New York Post today about the Derby last night, referring to the booing from last year and calling us Royals fans ‘small market hayseeds’. Davidoff, like the rest of the east coast, still doesn’t get why we booed. Yet we are bad sports. I would link the Davidoff article, but to be honest, he doesn’t deserve your clicks. Avoid his crap writing, because to be honest, that whole article was a steaming pile. In response to his droppings, I sent Mr. Davidoff a letter. Below is the letter in full.

Dear Mr. Davidoff,

     As one of those ‘small market hayseeds’ from Kansas City, I’d like to thank you for continuing to prove that none of the mainstream media understand why Mr. Cano was actually booed. Sure, it WAS in part because Butler was not picked for the Derby. But the real answer that none of you ‘big market simpletons’ have figured out is that it wasn’t JUST because Butler wasn’t picked. About a month before the Derby, Cano said he would pick Butler for the Derby. Then, when the time came to select, he didn’t. He was booed because he went back on his word, not simply for not selecting Billy. If Cano had never said that, he might have gotten a few boos, but not at the volume he received at the K. He earned those boos for making a stupid comment, then going back on it. The next time one of your ilk decide to write an article that makes us look like we are unintelligent hicks, you might want to actually do some research instead of sounding like an uninformed ‘hayseed’. As someone who was part of the media at the All-Star game festivities last year, I would hope you would try to use some journalistic integrity the next time you write something. Maybe then I would want to actually read your material, rather than now, when I want nothing to do with your drivel. I will instead actually choose to read writers who do their research and don’t paint a picture that isn’t the truth. 


                                                                                                                                                                                                                Sean Thornton 

If I wanted to be a real jerk, I would have stuck a ‘suck it’ on the end. It would have been appropriate.

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  1. and apparently he is…he wrote back to me, saying he has mentioned the ‘real reason’ we booed Cano…yet doesn’t bother mentioning it in the article. Instead he comes across like a pompous New Yorker…

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