Questions with Getzie: The Sayanara Edition

Chris Getz

It’s been a few weeks and Chris Getz is still no longer a member of the Kansas City Royals. The Royals non-tendered Getz on December 2nd, and all signs point to the team not going back on this decision(be honest–a part of you wondered if Dayton would turn around and sign him to a minor league deal). With Getz’s time seemingly over with the Royals, it seemed only fitting to let Getzie answer some questions (or how I think he would answer them) and say goodbye to all of his fans(all five of them). So before his bags are packed and he heads to a minor league park near you, here, one last time, is Questions with Getzie!


Chris, how have you been since the Royals let you go? Any offers on the horizon?-Independence, MO

Golly, I’ve been great! Sure, I miss all the guys from the team, but this is just part of the game. When it comes to offers, I haven’t gotten any yet, but I’m not worried. There is always something around the corner. There’s always team’s on the look-out for a gritty, average baseball player who can only play one position!


Getzie, what do you think you will miss most about Kansas City & the Royals in particular?-Robert, Tonganoxie, KS

Shucks, there is so much I will miss. I’ll miss the fans. I’ll miss the barbecue. I’ll miss the security guards that question whether or not I am an actual baseball player. But more than anything I will miss Dayton & Ned. I consider them my best friends and even have them as friends on Facebook & MySpace! They really understand my game and what I can bring to a ball club. More than anything, they let me bunt as much as I want and actually encourage it! I’ve never had that kind of support and understanding like I’ve had with those two. I’m going to miss my late night talks with Ned…I can only hope I can still call him if I have a problem or if I think something scary is under my bed. It’s going to be a tough adjustment to be away from them!


The Royals have gone out this winter and strengthened their roster. How do you feel about these moves and you not getting to be a part of it?-Zach, Gladstone, MO

Wowsers, Dayton has really made some good moves! Vargas is a solid addition to the rotation, and I like the trade to get Aoki. I feel bad I won’t be around just to say his name everyday! Also, I really think adding Omar Infante was a great plus for the team, even if it cost me my job. I wish I could be around next year, but it just isn’t meant to be. I will at least be around in spirit, and who knows; Ned has mentioned he’d love to get my number retired at ‘The K’!


NNNNNNNNNNNNNNNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! Sweet baby Jesus, NO! I will never forget you, you beautiful man! You didn’t deserve to take a shot on that rugged and handsome chin!-Lee, Kansas City, MO 

Lee, don’t fret. You have my phone number…and my e-mail address…and we can chat on Skype…you can text me whenever you want. Actually, don’t do that. Nicky thinks it’s creepy how often you try to get a hold of me. You might just stick to sending me something on my pager. That should work.

Chris Getz

Ha! Look who has a job now and who doesn’t! Sure, I might be forever stuck in Omaha, but I can still say I am employed by a major league baseball team! Suck it, Getz!-Johnny, Metairie, LA

Oh Johnny, I will miss talking to you the most! I hope someday your dream of being a major league ball player comes true and whoever this man that keeps you down is, I hope he realizes what a sweet little boy you are! Some day you will get to play ball and even be tall enough to ride on all the rides your little heart desires! Good luck!


With you gone, who is left to hit home runs for the Royals?-Michael, Manhattan, KS

Good question. I have no clue. I think the Royals home run numbers will go waaaay down in 2014 without me there. It’s impossible to replace this kind of power.


Chris, normally I would gloat here. Sure, I had a smile on my face that a Cheshire cat would be proud of when I found out you were non-tendered. I’ve been asking for you to be gone for awhile now. But in some ways, I will miss you. You were a great muse for me. Thank you for that. Also, I can’t be too mad at you. I mean, look what you married:


Respect, bro. I’m sorry to see us part ways. So because of that, I am here to offer you a job. I need someone to clean my house. You up to it? I’ve heard you are #MistakeFree…-Sean, Emporia, KS

I’ll miss you too, buddy. Every good guy needs his inept second baseman to get him riled up. I was that for you. Best of luck. The job offer? Golly Gee, ask me again in April.

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