Questions with Getzie-Premiere Edition


Welcome to a new regular feature here on Bleeding Royal Blue, “Questions with Getzie”. What this will be is Kansas City Royals mild mannered second baseman Chris “Getzie” Getz. Chris will answer questions from you, the fan, and get better insight into the mind of this infamous slugger. Or at least this is how I think it would go. So without further ado, here is the premiere edition of “Questions with Getzie”.

Chris+Getz+Kansas+City+Royals+v+Baltimore+9LRKkWFiV6WlChris, do you ever worry that if you are going back on a fly ball in right field that you will run into Frenchy?-Robert, Topeka, KS

Well, Robert, I’ll admit that it does pop in my mind a time or two. I mean, who wants to run into an Adonis of a man like Jeff. But at the end of the day I know that there is no way Frenchy is near the ball by then. I hope it never happens. If there is anyone we can’t afford to lose, it’s him. Neddy even told me so.

getz and gio

Getzie, what do you feel are your chances of winning the second base job this year?-Bob, Overland Park, KS.

Golly gee, that is a great question. I’m looking forward to going out there and competing with Johnny, and may the best man win. But Neddy has told me not to worry about it. Then he smiled and winked at me. So it should be fun!

yuniChris, who has taught you the most from working with them in the middle infield?-Sam, Lee’s Summit, MO

Wow, so many great guys that I’ve had to chance to work with. Obviously, Alcides is amazing at shortstop and is a special athlete. Hos has shown me how to look cool out on the field. I try, but who’s as cool as that guy?!  Yuni last year taught me a lot. He really pushed me as an athlete, as he always used to tell me that if the ball was hit to either of us, I needed to get it. He was very adamant that was my responsibility, and since he is a veteran, I trust him. I ended up working twice as hard when out on the field with Yuni, and I think it’s made me a better player. So, thank you Yuni!

Chris+Getz+neddy What can I do…I mean, what can a player do to get on the good side of manager Ned Yost?-Johnny, Metairie, LA

Shucks, Johnny, that is an easy answer. Neddy is such a great guy and he really loves his ballplayers. The simple answer is to bunt. Neddy loves bunting! Also, every player should try to go hunting some winter with him and Jeff Foxworthy. Foxy and Neddy are swell to hunt with, and there’s a good chance too that Frenchy will be with them! If all else fails, Neddy likes gritty ballplayers. I just seem to have gotten lucky as he tells me all the time how much GRIT I have. So Johnny, the best answer is just to go out there and be yourself. Great question!

buntingChris, are you worried about bunting this year, as an attempted bunt finished your season in 2012?-Mike, Blue Springs, MO

Golly, Mike, I hadn’t really thought of it. Bunting is really my whole being. I’m sorta kinda nothing without bunting. I’m just going to have to go out there, look fear in the face, and bunt like I’ve never bunted before. I don’t want to imagine a world where I can’t bunt.

Getzie, big fan here. I’m looking forward to you making a comeback in 2013. I have co-worker’s who think you are a backup and prefer Johnny Giavotella over you. Crazy, aren’t they?-Steve, Emporia, KS

Steve, thanks for being a fan. But it seems like you should listen to your co-worker’s. They sound like they are knowledgeable baseball fans that don’t just copy the opinions of the writers for the Kansas City Star. You would be best served to be quiet every once and awhile and listen to what they actually say. Your opinion isn’t the only one out there.

Matt+Treanor+Chris+Getz+Tampa+Bay+Rays+v+Kansas+RHyDcDzvuvRlWell, golly gee, that’s looks like it’s all for now everyone. Hope you enjoyed “Questions with Getzie” and I can’t wait to answer more questions soon! Let’s go bunting!

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