I Would Rather Throw Like a Girl Than Throw Like 50 Cent


Just yesterday rapper 50 Cent was asked to throw out the first pitch at the New York Mets game. No big deal; celebrities throw out the first pitch quite often. It’s a nice honor and probably cool for a lot of the players to get to hang out with Mr. Cent during the day. But something went horribly awry for 50. We found out his dirty little secret:

Yep, he can’t throw. It’s possible he has never thrown a baseball in his life. Mr. Cent was asked about his awful feat later on and he blamed it on…Curtis Jackson. Yes, he blamed it on his real name, who is apparently a different persona:

“50 Cent is the best,” he told SNY reporter Kevin Burkhardt during an interview in the fourth inning. “Curtis Jackson, I don’t know what’s the matter with him.”

Cent’s awful performance made me think of other awful first pitches…and there are quite a few.

Wait, Carl Lewis is in there? Man, can that guy do anything other than run? He sucks at singing too:

Yes, that was Los Angeles Dodgers TV announcer Charley Steiner almost dying from laughter at Lewis. Getting back to bad first pitches, those were some awful ones but what about Carly Rae Jepsen?

Yep, that’s bad. Singer’s in general seem to be bad. Like Tiffany Hwang of the South Korean pop group girls:

Even Hall of Famer Don Sutton had some issues:

Who has nailed it? This girl, that’s who:

Who else? Well, the Miz might be a jobber now, but he has some good accuracy:

And this was pretty awesome:

And let’s be honest, the bar was raised with this kid’s first pitch:

But this one is my favorite:

Not everyone can throw like a blonde girl from Los Angeles, or a former WWE Champion or a blind kid. But we can all throw better than 50 Cent.



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