Greatest. Billboards. Ever.

gordo BB

I know I throw a lot of criticism to the Kansas City Royals organization, albeit mostly healthy criticism. This off-season has felt different, as it has been mostly positive news from the organization. That streak continues, as they have put together one of the coolest billboard designs I have ever seen. Just awesome. I felt like this deserved proper credit and as much as I am iffy on the new slogan(Be Royal??Oooookay…), I am fully on board for these billboards. Apparently the credit goes to Jeff Chase, as credited by Joe Posnanski:

After seeing the great design by Mr. Chase and seeing Alex Gordon slide headfirst into second, I felt like that couldn’t be topped. I might have been wrong. See for yourself.


Yes, that is James Shields throwing a ball to catcher Salvador Perez, and the ball ripping the billboard! Amazing! Once again, major credit going out to Jeff Chase. If you want, find him on Twitter at @jeffchasius and tell him what a great job he did. Once again, good job, Royals! At least our billboards will make us feel like we won the World Series…

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